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Our firm is dedicated to providing competent and strong legal representation related to issues of probate, trust, guardianship, elder law and estate planning. Although our office is based out of South Florida, we assist clients throughout the State of Florida. The attorneys at Zamora, Hillman & Villavicencio are aware of the difficulties that lie ahead for clients and capable representation is the cornerstone for achieving results.

Experience and knowledge are present in our legal representation. Our goals are based upon the needs of our clients and we approach each matter with the utmost care and importance. The attorneys and staff at Zamora, Hillman & Villavicencio have worked together for over a decade in providing solutions for clients based upon specialized knowledge and experience. We welcome you to call our office so that we can assist you with your questions and concerns.




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Areas of Practice


Probate is the legal process in which the court supervises the distribution of assets from a deceased person to the heirs or beneficiaries of the estate. Depending on the size of the estate, the proceedings can vary and may require the appointment of a personal representative tasked with administering the assets and complying with other requirements under Florida law. If you have a close family or friend that has recently passed away or know that you may be a recipient of an estate asset, you may benefit from consulting with one of the attorneys at Zamora, Hillman & Villavicencio.

Elder Law

Elder law is a recognized area of practice, closely related to probate and guardianship, that confronts the issues that are unique to the elderly population and persons with special needs. Often times, these vulnerable segments of the community require advocacy related to assistance with government benefits, housing or residential rights. This area of the law also strongly overlaps with estate planning, probate and guardianship issues.


Guardianship is a legal proceeding that authorizes a guardian to exercise the legal rights of an individual deemed incapacitated. The guardian may be appointed to exercise some or all of the individual’s rights whether related to property or personal matters. The need for a guardian arises under different circumstances whether it be legal incapacity (minors who are required to have a guardian manage their property until age of majority) or victims of debilitating diseases that diminish the capacity of the individual. There are alternatives to guardianship and often, proper estate planning can avoid the need for guardianship proceedings.


Most matters dealing with our practice are administrative or transactional in nature. However, there are instances where these areas require advocates with litigation experience. Our firm routinely and competently handles legal disputes as they pertain to probate, guardianship and trust matters.

Estate Planning

Often referred to as “wills and trusts”, estate planning assists clients in carefully executing their intentions in how to plan for their uncertain future, whether it be incapacity or death. Other than safeguarding assets, estate planning can assist with other difficult considerations such as the nomination of a guardian for your minor children, preferences for end-of-life decisions or considerations for loved ones who have special needs. We offer a variety of tools for a spectrum of clients who have simple to complex planning concerns.

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Death is not the end. There remains the litigation over the estate.
— Ambrose Bierce


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